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Locally, nationally and internationally, Action Against Child Poverty is a vocal advocate for the hungry and displaced. We are committed to helping children and families in need.

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Poverty isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round clothing drives are a key part of our strategy. 

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Work with members in your community and act against child poverty.

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By donating even a single member of staff for something as small as a single day, you can make a significant impact to our efforts to help those in poverty.

Our newest outreach team, in the North-east of England, is looking for volunteers to commit time to help in Newcastle and the surrounding area.

  • Donation Logistics in the United Kingdom
  • Fundraising in the Northeast and Yorkshire
  • Clothing Collection and distribution in Tyneside

For more than 10 years, Action Against Child Poverty has collected clothes and funds for disadvantaged children. We also provide support to other organisations via financial help or through the provision of staff, where the aims of that organisation support the main goal of helping disadvantaged children.


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