mission & vision

To provide children and their families with a safe and secure environment to both grow and prosper.

Charity History

James parker, Student at Newcastle University and North-East outreach leader

What do our Staff Think?

Let’s put an end to child poverty world-wide!

recent programs

Our latest endeavour, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the broader area of the North-east, needs your help!

Committing time to the charity alongside my studies has equipped me with skills required for the job market after university, whilst also allowing me to help those most in need all across the UK.

2005 - Founded on 19th January, with the aim of               helping children in London and the                         surrounding area's.​

2011 - ​Over £20,000 raised for vulnerable childre.n 

2015 - Action Against Child Poverty launch their               most recent campaign in the north-east of               England.

Action Against Child Poverty


We have many opportunities to volunteer across the United Kingdom, so why not help us out?